sacred space – ancestor altar

Do you have an ancestor altar? Is there a space or a place that you allow yourself to connect with your ancestors? I’m here to help guide you towards mindfully creating that space in the best way possible, by showing you what has worked for me. Living in a small studio apartment, my ancestor altar […]

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Astro – New moon in Gemini

Today is the new moon in Gemini. It is also an annular eclipse. While there have been eclipses in the past, this is the first annular eclipse of the 21st century! This type of eclipse occurs when the moon appears smaller than the sun as it passes. Right now, this is only visible if you […]

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January 2020 excerpts

I’m here to tell you something I suppose. I’m unsure of what. I know I came here to find out. This energy is very heavy. I feel lighter, which is good, but still heavy. I feel scattered in heaviness. Like as soon as one place feels too much, I move on to the next space. […]

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Love Letter

I was told to write a letter to you, quite some time ago, but couldn’t find the right words to say. Perhaps, I didn’t want to face you. Perhaps, I didn’t know what to say. Your light is blinking in many different ways. You are in pain, my love. You do not want to admit […]

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notes to self – trust in magic

you are meant to be creative trust where you are being guided trust you have options trust in the unseen and the unknown trust in your power meditate on answers meditate period follow a spiritual path do not be absorbed by practicality believe in your magic find a product make a product stop feeling sorry […]

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notes to self – letting go

stop blaming yourself stop thinking you are not good enough trust in the universe trust yourself stop worrying you don’t have to always go and get it sometimes you can receive it uncross your arms and open them wide connecting with people from your past can feel difficult especially when you have evolved, but your […]

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Check-in letter

Hi! I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone who has read my blog so far. It has opened a line of dialogue between my family and friends that comes from a place of honesty and authenticity. I have always known that I was loved and supported by many. That is why I […]

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