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Today is the new moon in Gemini. It is also an annular eclipse. While there have been eclipses in the past, this is the first annular eclipse of the 21st century! This type of eclipse occurs when the moon appears smaller than the sun as it passes. Right now, this is only visible if you are in the north pole. What a sight for Santa and his elves. To best understand how you may be affected by this energy is to notice your birth chart. The eclipse occurs at 19 degrees in Gemini. A good resource to look up your birth chart is I may go over this is another post, but don’t want to get too off topic for now. Personally, I don’t have any planets in Gemini, nor any at 19 degrees, but Gemini is in my third house, which is the house Gemini rules. This house rules siblings, short-distance travel, among a few other things. It is no wonder that recently my sister moved back from Alaska, and our family took a trip down to Fort Myers from Orlando.

While, I can’t exactly predict your future here in this moment, I can teach you more about Gemini and hopefully you gain a better understanding of what energy we are stepping into. It’s a doozy, so please be patient with me.

Gemini is considered the child of the zodiac, as well as the twins. Gemini is also in the north node right now. Sagittarius is Gemini’s polarity, so Sagittarius is the south node. The north node is representative of what direction we want to move toward, while the south node is the past we want to leave behind. So, if Gemini is the child, Sag is more of a philosophical teacher. In short, we are being asked to operate on a more childlike curious frequency, rather than taking life so seriously and wanting to have everything figured out. Children don’t wake up in the morning worried about work. They are excited and ready to play.

It is also important to think back to six months ago, on November 30, 2020, when the full moon in Gemini Penumbral Eclipse took place. Since the nodes are in Gemini and Sagittarius, the moons in these signs will always be an eclipse, until they move into a different sign. These are all different lessons for different days, but I just wanted to express how intense this energy can feel. What goals or intentions did you set during that time and did you meet them? If not, is it time to let them go, or time to reevaluate? I’ve decided to share what I wrote last year in my magicofi planner on that day, to give you an idea.

full moon in gem eclipse

While I am not perfect and am still incorporating all of these in my life, I am also happy to say, I’ve been focused on staying on this path, toward all of these goals, for the last six months, without even remembering I had wrote all these down. I believe my manifestations have come to fruition. I’m feeling the shift, simply because I worked hard to get here. You may notice that all of these things are invisible. They are not of tangible value. But the value they have given me has allowed me to shed the heavy weight I was tired of carrying.

On behalf of the collective, and everyone who took the time to read this post, I decided to pull cards from my moonology oracle deck. These cards jumped out.

new moon in gemini spread

It is quite literally a new moon in between the nodes. Talk about magic coming through! (The full moon in sag just passed on May 26, 2021 a total eclipse). Next, I staged this spread for your consideration and comparison.

new moon in gemini oracle spread

Mercury is ruled by Gemini and is the planet of communication. Mercury is also in Gemini right now but is also in retrograde, and today will also be at 19 degrees. Your mind and mouth may go into overdrive, but be cautious of overdoing it. Either way, on this new moon in Gemini, communication is key. You can decide what this means for you. For me, I know it involves sharing more of my knowledge and my stories with the collective. Thank you for being here and caring about what I have to say. As you can see next in the spread, since it is a new moon eclipse, we can expect powerful change. Using myself as an example again, as a creative, with many projects trapped in her mind or scattered about a studio apartment, I have often worked myself into dizzying exhaustion of burnout and feeling like I have nothing to show for it. This changes today. And last but not least, the new moon in Sag was another total eclipse this past December 14, 2020, and there will be another one again, on December 3, 2021. The intentions you set now will play a factor in another six months when that total new moon eclipse occurs.

Finally, I pulled these cards for myself, but felt so much parallelisms in the energy of this post that I decided to share. This is from my four agreements oracle deck.

four agreements oracle spread

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