reintroduction letter


I’ve decided to return to my blog. This has been a never-ending struggle over the years, but for some reason the urge to continue is still here. It may have been the content I was producing that wasn’t quite hitting right, rather than the platform itself.

The only purpose of this introduction is for anyone and everyone who has been following my journey since the beginning. Who watched it go from travel stories, to birthday blogs, and all the things in between.

Since then, as any good magician does, I disappeared. In that disappearance, I found myself and the answers to what stories I truly need to share and what my purpose truly is.

During that disappearing act, I gained spirituality. This was not an easy path and it’s one that I imagine is just beginning. However, in order to share the light, I must share the path on how I found it. This is what led me to the decision in sharing my experiences with anxiety and depression, and the growth toward spirituality along the way.

In order to find the light, you must embrace your darkness. You must move through the night, so you can shine during the day. You must play with your shadow, as if you were Peter Pan. Your shadow is essentially everything you don’t like about yourself, and then realizing you must love yourself anyway, thus embracing your shadow, and ultimately, your darkness.

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This blog will also be a collection of stories of the past and the present. There may be times when I choose to tell you where we are, but the announcement will probably only be made as to not alarm anyone, much like this one is.

In other words, before I tell you about my pain and darkness, I’d like to tell you I’m getting better and experiencing lightness. There are only a select few who knew this darkness existed within me, so I also hope none of you feel a sad shock to having no idea of my painful state. That was the point. I worked alone in the dark, so I could shine next to the sun. Every. Single. Day.

Some days were easier, and some days are still hard. But here and now, I’m here to invite you to follow me through my darkness, as we navigate through yours.

Let’s play, shall we?


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